be more

be quicker, be more, keeping my soul free from fear (for real?!)
of losing my ground, my state of mindless, of mental blindness,
just ignore the reminders `cause I shine like diamonds and I´m
free from kindness, no…

I´m f*cking reckless, – f*ck the rest fits best.
I like the oppressed, they pay more than the wiseguy,
american excess – helping restore my lifestyle.

I take cash in advance, no credit, no more, no show, that´s my flow.
dictating the charges in every market
– my favorite targets, every minute new targets
– so they not nearly scarce yet
just keep on filling up my bags with so much cash like trash.

nice to say that I prey for a different play
how we live today a parody of dismay fading out to grey
the colors just won´t stay, the colors just can´t stay.


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