arborescent soullec

6. they know it´s f*cked up but

they want the profit
the world gets buttf*cked
while you smile in awe
tripping over mindf*ck gadgets
slaves in designer cages
minds lost and raped by the sh*t
you claim is worth more than
babies your new mercedes your
crib nose candies the whores
you play with

5. please leave me stone gold

stoned as my bro homegrown for
all i´ve known has shown to be the
best hit

4. they clip the tone copy loop clone

i throw the first stone alone
compared to that sh*t

3. lossy listening flat tracks on

expensive headsets the current
state of consumption madness
most are victim to that crap to
corrupted wavepacks to hicut your
braincells cheap and effective

2. only click or like if your penis big-

sized if not it´s unwise to follow
the sh*t they cry i´d rather die or
turn deaf dumb blind in time to
avoid such sadness

1. i scratched my balls over the look

on your face clear signs of disgrace
go follow your greed
inner city numb f*cked up senseless..

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