multiply me (asset)

multiply me (asset)

multiply me (asset)

3D render for “multiply me (2006)”

I never used to sample from nature (photo/video/scan) for my work, everything was generated synthetically in 2D/3D.
the process of manually dematerializing the physical into a virtual state made only of pixels/light can take years to complete.

around 2004 I started using photography/video in my work more frequently.

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9 Responses to multiply me (asset)

  1. It never stops. There is no final until heat death. Then, what comes after that?


    • as modern man replaces spiritual belief with technology,
      trying to sinthesize nature and soul, leaving humanity behind, he sacrifices life for virtual existence, forgetting that life has no price.


      • I don’t believe in belief.

        We attempt to replace Nature with technology. This can’t be done. She will replace us with something else.

        Just my opinion.
        Consummatum est


      • belief -not necessarily religious.
        (hu)man was not made to last forever anyway.

        or as i usually say: “don´t fuck with nature”.


      • Some things are self-evident. No belief required.

        Belief, in any case, is acceptance of something not self-evident as true without evidence. I prefer not to.

        On Nature; concur.


      • since we do not “own” THE truth, what we consider to be true and self-evident applies only to ourselves, thus making it a belief. everything we claim to know is “belief”, and all evidence is relative, even if you prefer not to.
        apart from that , where is the absolute evidence?


      • I think we’re quibbling over semantics. We may have a slightly different interpretation of “belief”.
        Not worth debating.

        I have an “opinion”. I “think” or “feel” something is so. I reach a “conclusion”. All are subject to change at any time. I don’t “believe” anything.

        That 2 + 2 = 4 is self-evident. Belief is not required. But who knows what tomorrow may bring?

        There is no “absolute” evidence. Why should there be?

        “Absolute certainty is a privilege of uneducated minds and fanatics”
        C.J. Keyser, an American mathematician of pronounced philosophical inclinations.

        There are choices and people make them. I have chosen to define “belief” in a specific way. If it makes clear communication a bit more difficult, I apologise.


  2. you are right, our definitions vary a bit, but the exchange was quite interesting.

    btw , “…the absolute evidence?” was a rhetorical question!


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