meanwhile me

logic is whack when you don´t know sh*t from sh*t, sh*t, sh*t is sh*t, is sh*t sh*t it´s sh*t you get.

see our little brothers rise in hope for better ways, it´s just what we left for them, what is our leftovers?

dealing daily with prohibitions only breeds more crimetime meaning meanwhile me may be making more money mine

truth is it ain´t all about digits as i bet you never learn to survive the hard side without the color of the cash you don´t look so shine, life ain´t ticking anymore to that platinum time, i got mine just for this line – gold ambitions never earned much for my pride – i´ll be praying till the end for a change of mind.

beats i like like simple like i like a new bassline – let some solid kick sound so sexy sweet…

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