how do times change

how do times change, even the thought on things betrays, former exposure to nightlight and chance, i do my best to admire the race, always involved in a spare desire, keep up high to share the mindstate, people stare, they don´t seem violent, time passes by remaining silent, i have a drink, feel this moment, maybe too shy to share this in words, to describe the emotions and fears or false judgements, risk and luck takes time to acquire, i never leave their environment i travel fast without borders, modern times have we left behind, bits are swallowed – minds altered

got my people in the streets taking care of this, they be sleeping in the snow still surviving ten degrees below ice-cold

how do times change, starved to death in my last cage ’cause my freedom was borrowed, all that sedates life is a dream, a big campaign, but noone is asking me anymore questions.

calm below, cold as snow, dumb motherf*ckers tryin’ to get me to fold, noone knows patience is low, see someone trying hard to steal your glow

how do times change, awaken to life from a dreamstate place, never enough to just contemplate, people in search for another way but noone´s asking for any directions.

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